Thursday, January 06, 2005


Well yesterday we got the new computer, I had to upload all of the files I wanted to save off of my old computer onto my web domains so I could transfer them to my new computer. See, my old computer didn't have a CD burner and the files were way to large for disks. I tried e-mailing some of them but that didn't work either. And no I don't own a jump drive, and due to all the snow I didn't want to wait for a friend that had one. So I just did it my way. It was slow, but it worked. The new computer is so much faster, I'm so excited!

I have everything switched over on the website to match the new domain. Hopefully I didn't forget anything, I double, triple and even quadruple checked everything. I am having a problem with my web editor though. I bought one that I liked, and I enjoy using it. However since I bought it off of the net I don't have a back up on disk (see above regarding no cd burner) So I had to try to transfer all the files/folders over. I tried contacting the company that makes the program, however they state right in the orriginal e-mail receipt that you need to save it because if you don't you'll have to rebuy the program. Well, all the files are transfered I need a new reg key from them as the program doesn't hold the orriginal. I'm waiting for them to respond to my e-mail now. If they don't respond by 5pm tonight I'm going to open a can of volatile disgruntled customer on them.