Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Money Well Wasted.

Grau over at Frizzen Sparks asked us what would be the top five items you would buy if money where no option in this post. The only catch is that it would have to be something you legally could own.

So I got to thinking about it. And I limited it to these five items.

1) I want a 1992 Corvette ZR-1 either in mint condition or restored to original condition. I've loved Vettes since I was a teenager and I still do. However it was the 92 model of the ZR-1 that really got my engine running.

2)Full sized luxury Motor Coach. I saw a show on these one night with my wife. I want to just vacation in one of these, or go from re-enactment to re-enactment in one when I retire. Really look at the product and take the virtual tour.

3) Super Private Box at Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers!. I could take the above motor coach up for tail gating and just have a great time. I'm big football junkie now, if I got these no one would find me from August through January. Of course I'd probably have to pay through the nose in order to get at the top of the list too.

4) A Portable Cabin. I couldn't find a good picture of this. Out at the re-enactments I have a Black Smith I frequent almost exclusively. He has a trailer that looks like a 1750's cabin. He just pulls up to his spot, lowers the skirting and pulls his vehicle away. It looks like a cabin. I would love one of these for the events. It would be nice for easy set up and tear down.

5) My own Movie Theatre. I love movies, I love watching them. But I truly enjoy them on the big screen. And I would love to own my own Movie Theater so I could show what movies I wanted, when I wanted them. If I wanted a private showing, just for me. Then I don't have to sell any tickets to that showing. It was my addiction to movies that got me reading Practical Penumbra and Susie's stories.

I limited it to five. It was kind of hard... Obviously giving me a no-dollar limit made me go a little mad with expenditure. But Hey! One can dream.