Friday, March 04, 2005

Things that go boom and a place to store it.

Well yesterday was busy as all hell for me. Back in February I had sent my wall tent back to Panther Primitives (the manufacturer) to have a small tear in it repaired and to have a sod cloth added in. I was told I would get it back in 6-8 weeks. Well they lied! I got it back yesterday, about 3 weeks later. Now understand I'm not complaining. I love that kind of thing. Which is why I continue to use Panther. So if you are looking to buy a good canvas tent, I recommend Panther Primitives. And if you aren't looking for one, Why not? I use mine for historical re-enactments and modern camping. Much more durable. However I don't recommend them for back packing.. Much heavier.

I also order 25 pounds of black powder yesterday. I think that should last me the whole season. Hopefully, maybe... Okay possibly not. I got 10 pounds just for the Howling Jezebel. I usually use up about 1/5 to 1/4 pound of powder a shot with her. So at the most that is 40-50 rounds for her. Yes, that sounds like a lot, but if I fire her twice a day at every event I do, that's 32 rounds. And If I use it in a battle, I usually fire it 5 times during the battle. I think you see my dilemma. I may end up having to use my musket grade powder in it. Which is fine, but that's less powder for my musket. Then again I got 12 pounds of powder for the musket. I also got 3 pounds of powder just for priming. I'm pretty sure I won't use all 12 pounds as usually in my musket I only go through about half a pound a weekend. I'm planning on selling off some of the extra to members of my group so they can have powder as well. I bought the priming powder mainly for that, I don't use much of it. My musket doesn't like to fire with less then 3f in the pan. However my Queen Anne and Murdoch pistols do need it. The Queen Anne will fire with 3f in the pan, but the Murdoch tends not to.

I also received an invite to go to a private black powder shooting club with a 'vous friend of mine. He wants a shooting buddy, and likes the novelty of my using a .75 cal Smooth Bore Brown Bess musket, as opposed to their .38 to .50 cal rifles. I'm kind of excited about that because he's going to help me refine my technique.