Friday, May 20, 2005

Supporting my blog Dad-pa.

One of my Blog Dad-pa’s (Harvey of Bad Example) is lamenting the fact that he is not the number one search for filthy lies Glenn Reynolds. In his comments, poor Harvey states that he has written more filthy lies about Glenn Reynolds then have been written by Frank J at IMAO.

Why would this hurt Harvey so? It confused me. I spent the last 24 hours pondering this. Trying to discover what hidden part of Harvey’s psyche demanded that he be the number one hit for filthy lies Glenn Reynolds. He stated that it’s because his filthy lies about Glenn Reynolds haven’t brought him some much-sought attention from said Glenn Reynolds.

At first, I thought this could be the answer. I know the feeling; being the unwanted stump in the Bad Example family tree. I crave attention from my blogging superiors and mentors. I giggle in mirth upon seeing one of them leave a comment here. However, that just did not make sense for poor Harvey. Harvey is the blogging reproductive god that spawned the Bad Example family. I cannot see Harvey actually stooping to my level of paranoia and self blog-loathing. No, that is truly not the case for Harvey.

Therefore, I went back through and read all the filthy lies about Glenn Reynolds. They are very amusing, if not disturbing. I must say Harvey has quite the skill at spinning a fabricated tale or two about the man. While reading these, it came to me.

Harvey is power hungry! He started his own internet clan in order to get a small, but loyal powerbase in order to launch himself. Then he abandoned his loyal readers to start posting over at IMAO, knowing we would wait around for scraps thrown at us. Now he is trying to go after the big dog. He wants Glenn Reynolds, to not only acknowledge his existence, but to help back his slow domination of the internet.

Since I, the unwanted stump of Clan Bad Example, acknowledge myself as nothing more then a suitable place to climb over to get to better things, I will support Harvey in his quest for domination. Unfortunately, I don’t have any perceived, let alone real influence in the blogosphere. So I must ask you readers to go and help Harvey in his domination of filthy lies Glenn Reynolds.

**This public service announcement was brought to you independently of Bad Example and was paid for by private funds. Harvey threatening to crush Miasmatic Review into subatomic particles had nothing to do with the decision to post this.**