Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Life and Illness

Sorry I havent' been around for a while. Work has been crazy. I'm trying to get Moveable Type set up on my web hosting site, Still to no avail. Hopefully it will be up soon. I'm not really working on it right now as I'm having a problem with the Mortar Maidens. I'm also distracted with what I think is a case of Pnuemonia. I could be wrong, but every time I exhale it feels like I'm trying to push a lung out. Hopefully I will get everything working shortly. Until then, I hope those that find this place are doing well!

UPDATE: I've decided not to get a moveable type system on my own page. Blogger seems to be working fine. I just need to update it more.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Well yesterday we got the new computer, I had to upload all of the files I wanted to save off of my old computer onto my web domains so I could transfer them to my new computer. See, my old computer didn't have a CD burner and the files were way to large for disks. I tried e-mailing some of them but that didn't work either. And no I don't own a jump drive, and due to all the snow I didn't want to wait for a friend that had one. So I just did it my way. It was slow, but it worked. The new computer is so much faster, I'm so excited!

I have everything switched over on the website to match the new domain. Hopefully I didn't forget anything, I double, triple and even quadruple checked everything. I am having a problem with my web editor though. I bought one that I liked, and I enjoy using it. However since I bought it off of the net I don't have a back up on disk (see above regarding no cd burner) So I had to try to transfer all the files/folders over. I tried contacting the company that makes the program, however they state right in the orriginal e-mail receipt that you need to save it because if you don't you'll have to rebuy the program. Well, all the files are transfered I need a new reg key from them as the program doesn't hold the orriginal. I'm waiting for them to respond to my e-mail now. If they don't respond by 5pm tonight I'm going to open a can of volatile disgruntled customer on them.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Life over the last two weeks.

Due to the holidays it's been a while since I've posted anything. Well I finally have my own domain for the Spoon and Blade. It's been moved to It's like the old site, only on a new address. I had some problems getting it set up, but it's there now.

I ordered a new computer, hopefully that will fix all the problems I'm having with my old one, like running at 100% cpu strength. It is 4 years old. Once I get that maybe I'll start a blog on my own site. transfer it to that. Hmmm. I could do that!

Well right now it is snowing, they are calling for a total of 6-12 inches between lastnight and tomorrow morning, we already have like 2-3 inches. So the roads are nice and crappy. I'm not sure if anyone actually reads this or not. But in case someone out there actually find this and you live in the Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin area, Becareful out there today!