Friday, May 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Boopie!

Today is Boopies Birthday. If you remember, I was having a hard time finding him a present. Well I did the best I could, and it was pretty sub par. We gave him his gifts last night as he is going to spend the weekend with his biological father.

First, I found a really cool chair that is designed to play video games in. He had this inflatable beanbag like chair that he used to sit in to play his games. A couple of months back the cat poked holes into it and it was ruined. He’s been sitting on a folding chair to play his games. Folding chairs aren’t comfortable. For the last couple of months as I’ve been looking to get ideas for presents I kept seeing all these really neat chairs meant to play video games in. I decided he should have one, so that was one of his gifts. It’s a great chair; it rocks so you can put it into any angle you want. It’s pretty comfortable too. I sat in it and it feels and looks like the bucket seats in a sports car.

The next thing we got him was a bunch of gift certificates to Media Play. If you don’t know what a Media Play is, think a giant retail store that has DVDs, Books, Music, Games, etc. Boopie really likes Media Play, that’s why we purchased him gift certificates from them. He kept saying he wanted Games, CD’s and DVD’s but wouldn’t be more specific on which ones. So thought this would work best for him.

We also bought him some Sour Apple gum tape and Sour Gummy worms. The boy is absolutely insane for sour candy. He has a strong devotion to the tart confectionary delights.

He seemed to like his gifts, especially the candy. He was surprised by the gift certificates because we generally don’t like to give them. They are such an impersonal gift. I however enjoy getting them because it gives me a chance to get the items that I really want. He had heard me telling my wife about the chair sometime ago, so he knew that was coming. He was happy he no longer had to sit on that uncomfortable folding chair.

We asked him what he wanted for dinner; it’s his birthday so he gets to choose what he wants. He decided he wanted shrimp cocktails. Okay, he’s never asked for it before this week. I asked him what else he wanted; he said he just wanted shrimp. Therefore, I went to the store after work and picked up fresh shrimp and some other ingredients. I ended up making shrimp scampi with garlic/cheese fettuccini noodles and shrimp cocktails.

Boopie thought the shrimp sauce was too hot, spicy. He liked it enough to keep eating it though and was happy with his birthday meal. Clone on the other hand did not know what to make of the sea cockroaches on his plate. He however decided that he loved the shrimp sauce and was using the cocktail shrimp as a spoon to lick up all the shrimp sauce. He also didn’t seem to be overly fond of the shrimp scampi and noodles. So he just spread it around on his plate.

After dinner, we had cake and ice cream. Now I do a lot of cooking, I like cooking, but baking is my wife’s area. She made a really nice cake for Boopie and picked up some ice cream. I didn’t look at the ice cream until I went to serve it. My wife bought “Chocolate Pudding Pie Ice Cream”. I saw this and the first thing I thought to myself was, “Who’s brilliant idea was this?” Okay you have a desert made from a desert made from a desert. Chocolate pudding in itself is a great desert. Making a pie out of pudding isn’t unheard of, although I feel it’s kind of a poor man’s French silk pie. To take this pudding pie and mix it into a chocolate-based ice cream is just plain weird. To make this scenario even more superfluous is that it was then put on top of cake. I still can’t figure out how my wife can eat stuff like that and keep her sylph-like appearance. And yes, I fed this to Boopie and Clone while my wife went off to a Mother/Daughter banquet…

…I start therapy next week.

I’d post pictures, but my digital camera’s batteries died.