Friday, May 27, 2005

It's back on!

I have yet another reason to be thankful for my freakish genetic metabolism. The theory that there is reptilian blood flowing through our veins is once again circulating through the medical profession.

My father went in for his surgery yesterday, he's fine, all is well with the world. There was a small vein that is closing off that is causing the problems, it is doing no real damage and it will NOT damage the heart in any way. This however is normal, what is abnormal is the rest of my father's arteries. He had a quadruple bypass 3 years ago and some stints put in 5 years ago. The artery that was cause of the bypass is now a healthy viable artery. The problem has cleaned itself out. My father's cardiologist states that his artery is a model of what it should look like for someone half his age. But wait, that's not all! Every single one of the stints that where put in look like they where just graphed into place last week. There is no scar tissue build up what so ever.

Due to lack of an serious injury he was released from the hospital last night. He is going to work today. That's right, he is going to work. We would like him to at least take the day off, but the cardiologist says that since he is a consultant and sits at a desk, it wont hurt him to work. My father took that as, "Great, I can work AND relax". My father, being himself, has told me on no uncertain terms that I am to go to my re-enactment this weekend. My father is one of those types that hate to ruin others plans.

Therefore, after work tonight I am heading off to Fort Atkinson, WI to throw lead and get wet in the storms!