Saturday, March 26, 2005

Those that gnome, do. Those that don't, complain.

It appears my blog momma-sis, Boudicca, is up to it again. This time however she has made it personal. Instead of trying to prove through facts and documented research what I have stated in these posts does not apply to Fredweena, she has started mud slinging. I'm extremely disappointed as I thought she was better then that.

First she wonders, legitimately, if there is college courses on the subject of gnomes. Yes, Bou there is. When In college I minored in Crypto-gnomeology for 2 semesters. Taking such wonderful courses as Intro to Gnomes 101, Gnome Biology 110, Gnome Society and Communities 201, Religion and Mythology of Gnomes 228, History of Gnomes 236 and Gnome Psychology 245. I changed my minor after two semesters to computer science as I thought it would be more beneficial then Cypto-gnomeology. There are even off-shoot groups that follow the Gnomes. This group has some of their information wrong, but has the right idea. Just because Bou was only interested in engineering doesn't mean there aren't other degrees out there. I feel this observation and her comparing it to the class Rock for Jocks 111 as being insulting to all the Crypto-gnomeologists out there.

Secondly she goes so far as to accuse me of being part gnome. I have stated in an earlier post that as far as I know, there is no gnome blood in me that I'm aware of. I find this particularly insulting in that she now, in trying to discredit me, tries to bring my race and upbringing into the picture. I never knew her to be so shallow. If I was part gnome would that be all bad? What does Bou have against gnomes? Is there something wrong with gnomes? No, but Bou wants you to believe this is a bad thing. Then she suggests that maybe I'm a mutant. That maybe, "(Contagion) just became a tiny bit I Gnome." I never knew that my blog momma-sis could be so mean and hateful. I'm cut deeply and I think the counseling that is going to be needed to repair this damage and our relationship will be long and costly. Plus looking at my family tree, if there is any gnome in that blood line, it would have to come from Bou as she is the only one that shows any physical traits towards being a gnome. My blog dad-pa's Grau and Harvey are both well over 5'9 Which would be way to tall for any gnome blood. Maybe her hatred of gnomes is self-denial. If it is, I'm willing to work with her to overcome this so she can feel better about herself.

Thirdly, she accuses me of having sexual relations with gnomes. Again we are back to her hatred of the gnome race. First off, it is physically impossible for a male human and a female gnome to have sexual relations. As the anatomies are just not compatible. If a human male tried to insert himself into a female gnome. The female gnome would explode like an over stuffed sausage casing. Remember gnomes only average about one foot tall. Also again, female gnomes rarely leave their homes so the chances of my finding one would be extremely unlikely. Plus I don't like chics with beards. I'm also happily married to a human female that would rip my "Mr. Happy" off and feed it to the dog if I even thought of having relations with another female, human or gnome.

Needless to say, I am highly disappointed in Bou's mud slinging. I'm also disappointed in her implied racial hatred of gnomes. However she is my momma-sis and friend, there for I will try to assist her in overcoming this ugliness. :)